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Trim-In-mould with stee-rule-knife

Trim-In-mould with stee-rule-knife

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Technology of Trim-in-Mould

1.      What is Trim-in-place and what is post-trim?

Trim-in-place means forming and cutting inside the same mould .

Post-trim means cutting after forming.

2.      what is different among model IM 2in1 ,IM 3in1 and IM 4in1?

 *IM-2in1 does forming and cutting in the same station with steel-rule-knife.

 It can makes any packaging if there is no requirement of making holes on it.

3. what is the advantage of trim-in-place ?

* bring identical trimming for parts made in film with high shrinkage rate like pure PP .

* no wasting time on adjusting accuracy of trimming

*no wasting money to make an independent cutting tool

*use a cheap rule-steel-knife

4.How is this technology used in LX thermoforming machine:

*IM-3in1=IM-2in1+ Second cut-press

it can do trim-in-place process and post-trim process in the same machine . it means it can do cutting after forming station  or  do cutting and forming the same forming station at time.

So with cost of IM-3in1 machine , you can have two machines (3in1 +2in1)

 *IM-4in1=IM-2in1 +second cut-press +third cut-press

it can do trim-in-place and post-trim process and also do hole-punching  .