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smart baffle

smart baffle

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LX Smart Baffle System for contact heat type thermoforming machine

1.  Normal heat assembly without smart baffle ,It takes hours to change baffle plate for different mould

2 Heat assembly with smart baffle system, it only takes  minutes to change baffle plate

3. What is Smart Baffle system?

Smart Baffle System

Baffle plate  is used to change air distribution , which is used as direction for forming the shape of cavity 

One set of mould includes Mould Assembly (mould base plate, mould cavity, Cutting Cavity Cutting Die) and Baffle plate and copper plate.

Smart Baffle System  is used to change baffle plate very quickly ( in minutes)

Usually When you want to change mould in contact heat type thermoformer, you have to change baffle plate too, which takes about 1 hour risking getting injuried

Because you have to take out whole heating platen assembly from machine before changing baffle plate and  the mould assembly is extreme heavy and

also you can not change baffle until the heating platen assembly cool down and you   

 unscrew the heating platen assembly with 70or 90 bolts in it , then take out baffle plate and change it .

But with Smart baffle system, you don’t even have to take out heating platen assembly .  you just change baffle plate in minutes by pushing  x and y rods. to Use Smart baffle system  

(1)“Close” mould so smart baffle plate can rise

(2)Adjust X rods and Y rods