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HY-76/54 & HY-62/51 Contact Heat Thermoforming machine
HY-76/54 & HY-62/51 Contact Heat Thermoforming machine

1. A/B Robot stacker
2. steel-rule-knife for pet process.

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1. double toggle system

2. steel-rule-knife for pet process.

3.Servo Index

4.Pre heater

5.automatical cooled water controlling

6. Motorized scrap rewinder

7. programable PLC and Color touch screen

8. PID independently operated temperature zones

9.secuirty door

10.Smart Baffle system chaning mould in 10minutes (option)

11. Robot arm or A/B robot for stacking (option)

12. double toggle driven by Servo drive(option)

The price of mould (tool) is subject to your final samples

Design Feature

The Germany main cylinder for press ensure a reliable running

Mould with Steel-Rule-knife special for PET trim

Quick tool changing (smart baffle plate system, auto foil)

Cut-in-place (trim in mould) and Perfect striping

Components from multi-national suppliers assures a reliability and worldwide compatibility

Precise index accuracy utilizing Computerized AC servo drive system

Electric pre-heater and independently operated multi-zone plate-heating system

Perfect cut plate and Strong double toggle system under cut plate

Low air and energy consumption and low Space floor requirements and minimum labor cost

Programmable PLC and touch screen control

HY-76/54 HY-62/51

Forming Area

Max.510mm*620mm / Max. 760*540mm (optional)

Depth of Draw

100mm Max. /120mm Max.

Suitable material


Speed (Dry run)

20 cycles/min

Material Thickness Range

0.15mm -0.65 mm

Sheet Width

650mm maximum

Material Roll Diameter

710mm (28") Max.

Power Supply

3-N AC380V±15V ,50Hz

Power Consumption

8 Kilowatts/hr (Approximate)

Air Pressure


Air Consumption

1400 Litres/min

Cooling Water Consumption

6 Litres/min @ 15° - 20° C

Machine Dimensions


Machine Weight




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