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NOV 3in1 Contact heat thermoformer with plug assist
NOV 3in1 Contact heat thermoformer with plug assist

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Novamtg plug type thermoformer is a full automatic contact heat type thermoforming machine with plug assist for deep draw and heat plate for lowest power consumption of heating .it makes all kinds of disposable packaging like tray,lid,container, clamshell etc. in PET PS PVC etc. with form+trim+stack+(hole-hole-punch)

Design Feature

Plug assist for deep draw on contact heat forming process for PET PVC PS

Contact-heat minimizes power consumption for heating with only 8kw

Contact-heat results in even heating distribution on sheet for higher quality of product

Steel-rule-knife for trimming minimizing scrap rate between cuts

Servo pull index minimizing scrap rate compared to pin chain

Faster forming speed compared to normal contact heat thermoforming machine .

Faster Tool- -change lateral side of machine

Servo Index, Automatic Stacking and counting system

Accessing to all digitalized functions by pressing touch screen

Two modes of stacking system in one machine: Down-stacker /Robot Stacker

Lateral quick changing tools(moulds) from one side of machine

Hole-punch station for lateral hole is available


Novamtg 600B

Forming Area

700mm *500mm

Depth of Draw

90mm-120mm,(under sheet) 50mm (above sheet)

Suitable material


Speed (Dry run)

40 cycles/min

Material Thickness Range

0.10mm - 1 mm

Sheet Width

700mm maximum

Clamming force


Material Roll Diameter

800mm Max.

Power Supply

3-N AC380V±15V ,50Hz

Power Consumption

8Kilowatts/hr (Approximate)

Total Power


Air Pressure


Air Consumption

≥ 0.22 m3/h

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